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Tanintharyi's Surroundings

Tanintharyi Region

Islands of Myeik Archipelago

  1. Western Rocky
  2. Nyaung Wee Island
  3. Island 115
  4. MwayDaw Island
  5. Lampi Island
  6. Macleod Island
  7. Kyun Phi Lar Island
  8. Cocks Comb Island
  9. PatawPadet Island

Western Rocky

Western Rocky is one of the most famous sites in Myanmar for scuba diving. It is situated at the west of Kaw Thaung. Divers can observe beautiful coral reefs and many kinds of marine life such as whales, sharks, sting rays and dolphins.

Nyaung Wee Island

Nyaung Wee Island is north of island 115. A group of Sea Gypsies settle here to avoid south west and north east monsoon winds. A river in the northern part of Nyaung Wee is a great spot for bird watchers and wild life exploers.

Island 115

Island 115 is located 39 miles (63 km) from Kaw Thaung. This island is home to many lizards, snakes and bird’s nest cave. It is great location for snorkeling and Kayaking.

MwayDaw Island

BayintNaung Point is situated at the southernmost part of Myanmar. During the British colonial period, this point was named Queen Victoria.In the 1999s, it was renamed to BayintNaung Point. It is just a seven minutes’ walk from downtown and one of the best views of the Kaw Thaung.

Lampi Island

Lampi Island is the most famous and the largest island in the southern half of the archipelago. The shape of the island is like agiant horse shoe. This island has been designated as a National Park. Various kinds of flora and fauna can be seen on island. Scientists are just starting to explore the amazing wildlife of Lampi. Magnificent mangrove is also situated on the island.

Macleod Island

Macleod Island is an unspoiled island with white-sanded beach and crystal clear water in the Myeik Archipelago. It is also a prime location for snorkeling, diving, sea kayaking, fishing and bird watching. It is also a good place for trekking and jungle safari. Macleod Island is home to a beautiful eco-lodge style resort. It’s the perfect place if you’d like that your visit is in harmony with the nature of the archipelago.

Kyun Phi Lar Island

Kyun Phi Lar, also called Pilar, is the tourist’s favorite island in Myanmar’s beautiful Mergui Archipelago. The long white beaches stretch for kilometers without a footprint in the sand. There can see monkeys sitting on the beach and leisurely snacking on crabs.

Cocks Comb Island

Cocks Comb Island or known as “an emerald heart island “ is situated at the south west of Kawthaung and a four hour journey by boat. This island is the new destination for Andaman Sea Snorkeling tour. The big mountain island, with the Heart Lake inside is located on the sea. Many sharks and lobsters can be found in abundance here. This is an ideal location for snorkeling when the tide recedes. It is the best area of Asia for snorkeling.
The underwater nature is the real heaven of Snorkeling Man. There can see all kinds of fishes. Coral Reef Area is spread full of water area.

PatawPadet Island

PatawPadet Island, just five minutes boat ride from the Myeik is named after two prominent hills at either end of the island, several religious buildings,stupas and sculptures have been constructed on the island.