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Tanintharyi's Surroundings

Tanintharyi Region


Kawthaung, formerly known as victoria Point, is the southernmost town in Myanmar. It is one of the entry ports into Myanmar and is separated from Thailand by the Pakchan River. Kawthaung retains the charming character of a prosperous fishing village.
Kawthaung is surrounded by the Mergui Archipelago. The key to enjoying in Kawthaung to escape from the hustle and bustle is the Resort that was built on ThaHtayKyun Island, which is about 100m and take10 minutes by boat.

Places of Interests in Kawthaung

  1. BayintNaung Point (Victoria Point)
  2. Ngar Thone Lone Hill (Triple Five Hill)
  3. Shwpyithar Pagoda and Museum
  4. Pa Lone Tone Tone Beach
  5. Maliwan Waterfall and Hot Spring
  6. Bo Cho Island
  7. Pulu Set (Nga Mann Island)

BayintNaung Point (Victoria Point)

BayintNaung Point is situated at the southernmost part of Myanmar. During the British colonial period, this point was named Queen Victoria.In the 1999s, it was renamed to BayintNaung Point. It is just a seven minutes’ walk from downtown and one of the best views of the Kaw Thaung.

NgarThone Lone Hill (Triple Five Hill)

NgarThone Lone Hill is centrally located in Kaw Thaung and has a height of 555 ft. (169 km) above the sea level. Visitors can enjoy the breathtaking views of the entire city at the viewpoint on the top of this hill.

ShwpyiThar Pagoda and Museum

ShwepyiThar Pagoda and Museum is about 10 km away from Kaw Thaung. It is a replica of Ananda Temple from Bagan. Pagoda Museum, the only museum of Kaw Thaung, displays counting beds and animal shells and other interesting findings from the sea.

Pa Lone Tone Tone Beach

The pagoda was built by Shan Chief-Si Sanpa in 600 years ago. It is located on the way to Nyaung Shwe. The original stupa was built by Bamboo mats. Pagoda festival is held every year in full moon day of Tabaung (March).

Maliwan Waterfall and Hot Spring

Maliwan waterfall, a pretty spot worth a visit outside of the dry season, is the most attraction of Kawthaung. It lies around 40 km away from Kaw Thaung. Maliwan Hot Spring is located five miles from the waterfall.The scenery around this area will surely take away your breath. Hot springs are located 8km from the waterfall. The natural hot water is channeled from the hot spring to a bathing unit through a piping system. The scenery around this area is breath-taking.

Bo Cho Island

Bo Cho Island, one of the many beautiful islands that make up the Mergui Archipelago in the Andaman Sea, is situated at the south of Lampi Island. This island also boasts a mile long sandbank and scenic views overlooking the village at the pagoda located on the hill. This island has a major settlement of Salone people during the monsoon season who are sometimes referred to as “Sea Gypsies” or the “Salone”.

Pulu Set Island (Nga Mann Island)

The famous island to celebrate beach bonfire party and barbecue and Kaw Thaung Region. The beach is just one and half mine long but the sand in the beach is very white and smooth. Water is crystal clear and beautiful coral life is found.